Friday, 27 April 2018

Sad Path Programming using the 'with' Command in Elixir

Inspired by this video, I used the 'with' macro in Elixir to cleanly refactor some code.

The problem I was trying to solve was that on module had a handle_event function that matched on the type of the first argument

def handle_event(%Events.TitleChanged{title: title}), do: ...
But there were an increasing number of Event types. So this module was getting quite long and I wanted to split it into several modules that would each handle one group of events.

I split it into 3 sections, and made a default function for each of them return :not_handled.

def handle_event(_), do: :not_handled

Then I used  `with` (as shown below), to keep trying until I find one that handles it.

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